Blair French – Standing Still Is An Illusion [RSD006]


Following label owner Peter Croce’s phenomenal Revival, Rocksteady Disco announces their next release of 2017 from fellow Detrotian and FFC founder Blair French. Standing Still Is An Illusion is the newest dancefloor oriented production from French, enlisting Paul Randolph (Jazzanova / Mahogani Music), Ryan Gimpert (Will Sessions) and RSD label-mate Topher Horn. The title track on 006 is an extended excursion overlapping styles like jazz, house and tribal rhythms. Flip over to two cuts of Afro & Brazilian ritual vibes on the B-Side. Rocksteady Disco adding another treasure to their already distinguished catalogue with some solid uplifting dance music for the people.


Pagode Americano is an amazing danceable offering and it’s probably my favorite track on the record. It captures you from the start with a bare-bones Brazilian perc solo before more surdo drums, shakers and tambourines accompany the mix. Then come the Portuguese lyrics in an almost ritualistic chant – telling the story of hardened criminals, singing “The people who live here don’t play around”. A natural kick drum bounding in and out between vocal echoes is a subtle addition to the otherwise beatless original, converting this conventional Samba Brasileira into a secret weapon for the discerning DJ. Limited pressing on vinyl and housed in the beautiful new Rocksteady Disco jacket with words from the label. Get on it!

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Blair French
Standing Still Is An Illusion
RSD006 Rocksteady Disco
Release Date June 6th, 2017
Media Vinyl, Digi

A1. Standing Still Is An Illusion feat. Paul Randolph, Topher Horn, and Ryan Gimpert
B1. Ayiba I Yeri O
B2. Pagode Americano

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