Closed Paradise – The Masters Series [TMS01]


Closed Paradise Limited 10″

The Masters Series

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Closed Paradise – The Masters Series [TMS01]

Masterworks music launch a new series of 10″ special editions with this sublime disc from rising French star Closed Paradise. If you’ve kept you ear and eye on this cat, you’ll know that his thing is groovy, dancefloor magic which shakes its shit right across the house/disco/Balearic spectrum.

This latest missive is no exception, and A-side cut “Your Love I’m Gonna Take” is a lesson in sampler use for the rest of us. The producer selects some choice cuts from a soulful strutter and lays them out around a chunky sunset house bassline, tweaking the EQ and teasing the loops out into many a joyful crescendo. Jazzy piano work, coastal guitar licks and a warm sound make this a future Adriatic classic.

B-side banger “The Vision” hits us with a headnodding, slo-mo rhythm, cycling into the kind of robotic boogie chugger you’d expect to blow the roof off at El Diablo’s. If you dig on Sleazy Beats, early Wolf Music or Jisco, then this is most certainly your jam!



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