Finnebassen – Baby [HOD008]




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Finnebassen – Baby [HOD008]

Fresh from the success of the Guilty Pleasures EP by Satin Jackets & Ejeca, next up from the ever growing House of Disco Records is Finnebassen’s – ‘Baby’ EP. Boasting make overs from Monitor 66, Ron Basejam and Debonair along with the original track itself, this is a vinyl with credentials that speak for themselves.

The EP opens with the original track ‘Baby’ from the Norwegian born producer Finnebassen. With previous releases titled ‘Babies’ ‘Footsteps’ and ‘Bleedin out’ I’m starting to wonder if there’s some sort of subliminal message at work. However with the rate at which he’s been outputting releases lately there are no signs that he has anything other than more music on the way. ‘Baby’ is not what we have become accustomed to expecting from Finnebassen, it strays away from his usual deep poignant echoing house tracks. Instead it’s a rich funk filled gem of a track that he’s shown he is capable of through his ‘silly pilly edit’ of It’s gonna take a long time. With bluesy lead guitar riffs and his trademark bass line it’s the perfect soundtrack for a blossoming summer season.

The first remix of the EP comes from Swedish trio Monitor 66 who produce under the ethos of creating ”music for sunsets.’ The track certainly embodies that motif as gorgeous saxophone licks and chiming synths over a shifting bassline give it a deep tropical feel. Next up is the remix from James Baron, or as the anagram works and we know him as, Ron Basejam. His remix is more of a straight up boogie house track letting the echoing vocals do a lot of the work whilst being complimented by sprinkles of playful keys. The sliced vocals work a treat and he manages to maintain the tracks strong groove throughout. The final remix of the EP comes from London based artist Debonair who strips down the track into a deep atmospheric affair making it the perfect weapon of choice for an after hour set. Ominous kicks and the spades of tension and atmosphere will make sure that fists are pumping well into the early hours of the morning.

The whole EP is brimming with groove and if you find yourself missing Finnebassens deep echoing trademark sound from the original track then you can find essence of it in the remixes. This release speaks volumes for the trajectory of ‘House of Disco Records’ as a label that’s constantly maturing and sidestepping pigeonholes.



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