Soda Stereo – Sueño Stereo (1995)




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Soda Stereo – Sueño Stereo (1995)

Sueño Stereo (Spanish for Stereo Dream) is the seventh and final studio album recorded by Argentine rock band Soda Stereo. It was released by BMG Argentina in 1995. It is considered one of the most important alternative rock records in Spanish and one of the best, most successful and most important by the band and all Latin rock. Rolling Stone considered it the fourth-best of Latin rock history.

In just fifteen days of sales in Latin America, the album went platinum. The album was the centerpiece of the extensive Sueño Stereo tour that the band undertook in Venezuela, Colombia, Perú, Chile, Honduras, Panamá, Costa Rica, México and the United States, which began on September 8, 1995 in Buenos Aires, and ended on 24 April 1996 in Santiago de Chile.

The music video for “Ella usó mi cabeza como un revólver” was winner of the People’s MTV 1996, the only MTV award to Latin music that existed at that time.


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