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Carreno Is LB – White Space

Carreno is LB makes his debut on My Favourite Robot Records with an EP of seven stunning tracks.  ‘Intro‘ gets things started with some squelchy bleeps that twist and turn over the ever-burgeoning throb of bass. A hum of analogue gradually looms over the stutters of drum that stumble forward. Intense in its build, the track keeps adding layers of stark synth lines, concocting a swirl of mesmerising electronics. This could soundtrack the opening of any dystopian vision of the future, as it sparkles with futurisitic intentions wrapped up within the hint of a foreboding nightmare.

Up next is ‘Curtains in Nature‘. A solid kick underpins a mournful thrum of analogue, whilst the intoxicating gurgle of bass helps craft an assured groove that hooks you in more and more as the track builds. A simple yet very effective drum pattern develops as a delightful cascade of synths saunter around the track, inviting you to lose yourself in their fluttering rhythm. A stutter of laconic keys wring out the emotive nature of this seductive beast, as it sweeps you along astride its luscious soundscape.

Control‘ takes a more forceful direction, with a resolute kick, infectious loop of gritty bleeps and the wail of analogue stalking the track. An urgent vocal bursts forth occasionally, whilst fresh claps come together with a shimmy of snare. A bouncing bass line strides forth in a manner that’ll arrest any dancefloor’s attention, full of vim and vigor, as a stuttering barrage of synths skims across the track like a murmur of starlings dancing across the twilight sky.

Fire Trees‘ starts out with a haunting shiver of keys that trickle out the speakers like ice melting from a glacier. A mournful synth calls out, like a specter looming in the shadows, as no nonsense drum pattern barrages its way in. The effervescent bass line saunters along, providing a warm contrast to the frosty nature of the track, whilst a twang of analogue quietly tugs away at your hips, deep in the mix.

A bulging kick and muscular bass line rippling gently away beneath a melancholic synth line get ‘Organic Particles‘ started. Subtle elements of slick percussion start to entwine themselves, as a glimmer of synth flickers across the track before cosmic keys burst into life. The track sounds like a satellite that’s cut lose from its orbit and is about to drift out of the known solar system, about to be lost forever.

Following is ‘Intergalactic Stone‘. An insistent kick and a twitter of increasingly squelchy analogue swirl around a sonorously nudging bass line, as the towering, enveloping cry of synths plays out under those wistful keys. The track plays out in a similar fashion to the rest of the EP, again providing a contrast between its gentler softer elements and those that are packed with a frenetic energy, the two sides complimenting each other to make something that is emphatic in its sumptuousness.


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