Marcel Vogel – Being Human [MATE008]




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Marcel Vogel – Being Human [MATE008]

This EP is part of my mature process. I’ve bought my MPC 2000 in 2002 when I was living in Frankfurt/Main with my first real paycheck and messed around with it for ages, always dreaming to make that one record or any record for that matter. I kept at it and got nice loops but never anything like a song . The MPC stayed with me through moves to Berlin, Basel and eventually Amsterdam, where I moved to study Audio Engineering at the SAE. Two of the songs, Doin It and Body to Body, cover versions of Disco favourites were made during that learning period as school projects.
I started “Always Isn’t Only” still in Basel and kept it as an idea until I ve added May’s vocals in Amsterdam during a chance meeting and it remains a chance track as he vanished before we could really work out the lyrics. No wonder you can’t make out what he is singing, as it’s fully improvised gibberish. Hope one day our paths will cross again and we’ll create something more meaningful.
Most important to me are the tracks “Moonchild” and “Human Being” that I created with Kedi Mina aka Khadija from Berlin and my main collaborator keyboard maestro Tim Jules from Amsterdam. While preparing the music and listening to her voice the words just came to me, wrote them down in one go, the music suddenly came together and I think we ve recorded 5 or 6 tracks during a period of only 10 days.
Human Being was mixed by Hannes Bieger in Berlin, Moonchild and Always Isn’t Only by my friend Bobby Van Putten.
Further I want to thank Jair Wix for his guitar work on Moonchild and Doin it (where we first met), Jan van Maastrigt from Bass on Always isn’t Only, and everybody who was involved one way or another.
Could I have mentioned it earlier? Very thankful for the two remixes included here by one of the most wonderful Human Beings I know, Reginald Mamode Omas IV and upcoming Intimate Friends pirate Simba!!! I salute you gentlemen!!!

Special shout out to Jan Truijens Martinez for the snapshot that became the Picture on which Tim Faber created the cover.
Sorry for boring you with all this stuff put i suppose now is the only time we will talk about it. Like Bobby Byrd said: I need Help, i can’t do it alone…

Been waiting for this record to come out my whole life and then it was delayed by another six months but I believe we are close…. -MARCEL VOGEL



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