My Favorite Robot – Looking For Frost EP [NO19035]




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My Favorite Robot – Looking For Frost EP [NO19035]

Toronto group/label My Favorite Robot have become a central cog in the city’s electronic music machine in recent years. They here strengthen the city ties further with a first release on No.19 Music, the label run by fellow Ontario figure Jonny White of Art Department.

An ethereal, almost shoegaze-y vocal kicks off “Looking For Frost.” It sets a framework on which languid, droning synth lines gradually coalesce, joined later by a punchy arp loop. The track builds like this for a over three minutes until the main vocal motif—”sometimes I get the feeling something ain’t right”—kicks in, hanging in near-isolation before being joined by a subtle but insistent 4/4 groove.

The Juan Maclean’s remix has a stronger beat, backed by handclaps and sampled fragments of the original’s vocal. Maclean’s hallmark volatile synth stabs elbow their way into the mix soon enough, ushering in a breakdown that isolates a pleasing synth drone and hi-hats that sets up a club-friendly finale. Young Mexican producer Louie Fresco’s version, meanwhile, fuses a long, meditative intro with understated acid motifs reminiscent of certain sections of Speedy J’s early ’90s oeuvre.



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