Nachtbraker – Really Ties The Room Together EP [DIRT101]




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Nachtbraker – Really Ties The Room Together EP [DIRT101]

Nachtbraker is back! It’s been a huge year for the Amsterdam deep house juggernaut who returns to Dirt Crew with his all new and colorfully titled “Really Ties The Room Together” EP. Constantly on the move, he’s found time between touring throughout Europe, Asia and South America to continue to push his a-typical house sound forward with this year’s HEIST release and his quirky jam “Busy Bee” that was featured on our “Deep Love 100 Compilation. This three tracker is jam packed with bouncing club tunes and a whole lot of flange. Things kick off with the title track “Really Ties The Room Together”. It twists and turns over an unconventional but irresistible groove, shimmying shakers, brass stabs and a serpentine riff work together creating a super tight dance floor cut. “Rew” begins somewhere in deeper territory, suspense building beneath the clouds, a rumbling bass rolls in from over the horizon before a glorious funk guitar blows the whole thing wide open, letting the sun’s rays burst through and that familiar Nachtbraker good time energy shine in. The rerub of “Rew” is something altogether new from our deep house protagonist, a break beat and casual groove guide gently towards an ever intensifying acid trip. Don’t be fooled by the lovely deep chords, things get nasty in the end. It’s best to expect the unexpected from our adventurous resident producer, and this EP is no exception. [via DIRT CREW]



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