Lay-Far Presents Riddim Research Lab [GAMMLP001]




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Riddim Research Lab LP [GAMMLP001]

The dub album any discerning House music lovers will enjoy! A playful mixture of modern beats with deep roots Reggae influences, all heavily processed in an old-fashioned manner with a political and social messages expressed through.

Riddim Research Lab is a project from two UK based music outsiders, going under the names of Gordon Brown Jr and DJ Neeet.Lay-Far discovered their music by sheer chance, stumbling upon one of the members (DJ Neeet) in the notorious Reckless Records in London’s Soho when browsing through the ‘Dub’ section of the shop. AN brief discussion around the reissue of Mikey Dread’s album ensued, revealing the stranger’s knowledge of roots Reggae and Dub.Before giving recommendations on several classic albums and saying goodbye, the man handed over a CDR with what was described as “some dub-influenced beats I’m working on with my friend. If you like King Tubby and house – you may enjoy it.”

Lay-Far was excited by this unexpected gift but as it usually happens with globetrotting DJs he easily forgot it in the back pocket of his record bag. It was not until a year later when he discovered the long-presented artefact. What he finally heard was an exciting mixture of modern beats with deep roots reggae influences, all heavily processed in an old-fashioned manner with an obvious political and social message expressed through the music.

Lay-Far directly got in touch with the duo via the email that was neatly carved into the CDR and motivated them to come out of the shadows, advising several labels they should try and sign their music to, one of which happened to be G.A.M.M. The result is now finally ready to be enjoyed by everyone, not just Lay-Far!



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