Soulphiction – Parking Lot Blues EP [LIH022]




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Soulphiction – Parking Lot Blues EP [LIH022]

I am quite sure there was a Young Marco record that went through 8 testpressings. This one wasn’t as bad but still quite frustrating but a good reminder why Skynet will always be more efficient than people! Some smartass on Discogs thinks this has been released in March already, so I guess we are only 9 months late. A proper baby even!! Don’t know how much I have to stress that Soulphiction is one of my biggest heros, a German guy who always nails the soulful sound of Chicago and Detroit like a robot himself. And his label Philpot has been a huge inspiration for Lumberjacks in Hell and Intimate Friends… parking lot Blues is finally real!!! And coming on Monday!!! I feel a lot of relief! Such a wonderful release and we were so excited for the whole time!! Glad to finally share it with you!! [LIH]


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