The Expansions – Mosaic [ALBF-12-04]




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The Expansions – Mosaic [ALBF-12-04]

Mosaic is a heavy new three tracker from a band whose reputationexploded this spring with the release of debut album Murmuration.

Lead track Mosaic is full of thewarmth of this heatwave-summer,syncopation and groove in abundance. Driving melodic lines and keyboard atmospherics suddenly give way to one of James O’Keefe’smost powerful guitar solos to date,wild and psychedelic.

Transcoso brings the band to thedowntempo magic that they have become much loved for. Heavily inspired by Azimuth, an hypnoticbeat from drummer Jonny Dropeventually builds to a euphoric, almost slow disco climax for the final section.

Maripose is a timely tribute. Debuted at their London album launch this take on the Freeez classic (although the live version in particular) explored a little more of the South London,Brit Funk influences that really drive the band.


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