Various Artists – Balearic Blah Blah 15 [BBB0015]




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Various Artists – Balearic Blah Blah 15 [BBB0015]

The relentless output of edit label Balearic Blah Blah continues in somewhat typical upside-down fashion with release number 15 sliding in before number 14 and as usual it’s packed with skillfully mastered DJ tools for both dancefloors as well as horizontal use.
For this volume, we are treated to a particularly drunken slow boogie groover of South African origin. Under the pseudonym of AH and KBE, we get an extended version of this mysterious accordion-heavy disco hybrid that goes all in on grittiness.
Following up is an edit by Bastardo with things getting weirder, as “Brown Bay” dives into a pool of stiff drum machines, quirky acid and afro percussion. A perfect mood builder for the darker hours of the night.
On the flip, the duo of AHKBE offers something different with “Dry Tears” – a killer track you could imagine as a Weatherall end-of-the-night tune – minimalistic dreamy walk on a cold beach with echoing dubbed out drums and haunting synths, pierced occasionally by a gospel choir, faces will be melting for certain.
To top this package off, we have a nice sureshot banger from the Hamburg-based blog Frequency Without Control. Cleverly disguised under a new title, we get a re-cut version of an obscure euro disco 7-inch from 1979 with swirling synths and oriental touches.

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