Various – Delta Night EP [PJV006]

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Various – Delta Night EP [PJV006] 

The guys at Pole Jam Vinyl have spent most of the last year involved in an undying quest to seek out new, exciting music. They would neither be stopped by the Russian tundras nor the deserts of Australia in their search. Funnily enough, it was actually down-under they discovered Sydney based duo “Falqo” with their brilliantly chilled and melodic number “Across The Sea”. Then, it really was ‘across the sea’ they went, all the way to the Ukraine, picking up Sasha Anastasov’s laid-back groovy smasher “Sea For Two”. Next up was a much shorter trip to Moscow to collect Gayana, a band very much on the rise whose “Since The Night” has been perfectly reinterpreted by Pole Jam’s very own St. Petersburg based all-stars KLar&PF. Pioneerball is the solo project of Tesla Boy’s lead guitarist who makes his second appearance on Pole Jam Vinyl. This time Pioneerball contributes the stunning opening track “Deltaplane”, a track influenced by obscure Russian cinematic soundtracks. It’s combined perfectly with a compelling disco groove, jazzy melodies and organic strings that will make your heart melt. Back home, with the search having come to a successful conclusion, the Pole Jam Vinyl boys celebrated with a pint – or two!


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